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About Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan thrives on exciting challenges in developing parcels of land into livable, green homes and creating a legacy. We perform by building a tradition for future generations, where ’our home is your home’ concept and developing projects that speak for themselves, making owners take pride in its quality homes of repute and values.

As a member of Real Estate And Housing Developers’ Association (REHDA), we ardently focus on improving not only quality of design, planning and construction, but also quality of life and sustainable development potential. The main purpose of Cosmopolitan is to construct growth for our stakeholders, build the brand, and create a strong employment future for all proactive and progressive employees, not forgetting a conducive environment to nurture innovative employees to realize their fullest potential.


To set high quality standards and values in property development through innovative and inspired architectural designs while making significant development contributions socially and economically.


To be a key developer of high repute that delivers sustainable values to stakeholders.


Our expertise and commitment to quality is recognized and assessed by CONQUAS® BCA, Singapore, in one of our many projects, Ardmore Residences.

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